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A whole genome scan of Finnish Ayrshire was conducted to map quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting milk production. The analysis included 12 half-sib families containing a total of 494 bulls in a granddaughter design. The families were genotyped with 150 markers to construct a 2764 cM (Haldane) male linkage map. In this study interval mapping with(More)
This paper proposes a sensing concept based on measuring the geometrical deformation of artificial magnetic cilia indirectly with a magnetoresistive sensor. The cilia are fabricated with a template-free method based on the evaporation of solvent from a suspension containing micron-sized magnetic particles and dissolved elastomeric polymers under constant(More)
The effect of molecular weight, concentration, and structure on 1/T1rho, the rotating frame relaxation rate, was investigated for several proteins using the on-resonance spin-lock technique, for locking fields B1 < 200 microT. The measured values of 1/T1rho were fitted to a simple theoretical model to obtain the dispersion curves 1/T1rho(omega1) and the(More)
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