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The prevalence of depression, measured as high rates of depressive symptoms (Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale), was studied in a 55-year-old Finnish population consisting of all persons born in 1935 and living in the city of Oulu on 1 October 1990, who were alive at the beginning of the study (n=1008). Of these, 345 men (76%) and 435 women (79%)(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the prevalence of previously diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) by sex, marital status, employment, exercise behaviour, and body mass index (BMI), and to compare previously diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetic patients. DESIGN A survey of the total 55-year-old population living in a Finnish city on(More)
The relationships between depression, measured as high rates of depressive symptoms (Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, ZSDS), and musculoskeletal pains (Kuorinka et al. 1987) were described in a 55-year-old Finnish population consisting of all the 1008 persons born in 1935 and living in the city of Oulu on 1 October 1990. Three hundred forty-five men (76%)(More)
This study was aimed at assessing the adequacy of a random capillary whole blood glucose (RCBG) test as a screening test for diabetes mellitus in a middle-aged (55-year-old) Finnish population. Both the screening test (RCBG) and a standard 2-h oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) were performed on all the participants according to the WHO criteria. The(More)
Aluminum foils were anodized in sulfuric acid solution to form thick porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) films of thickness approximately 6 microm. Electrodes of carboxyl-functionalized single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) thin films were inkjet printed on the anodic oxide layer and the electrical characteristics of the as-obtained SWCNT-AAO-Al structures(More)
Among 183 middle-aged Finnish subjects with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) defined according to the 1985 World Health Organization (WHO) criteria) who were retested on average 2.1 years after the first examination, diabetes developed in 14 (7.7%), persistent IGT in 54 (29.5%), and IGT was transient in 115 (62.8%). The odds ratio for diabetes was 4.4 (95%(More)
The purpose of the present study was to describe the associations between long-term disorders of musculoskeletal system and work career in elderly workers. The data were obtained by a postal questionnaire and clinical examinations. The study group consisted of 778 elderly urban persons, who were 55 years old and who lived in the city of Oulu in northern(More)
In our previous study, the refractive indices of freestanding porous silicon (PS) layers were derived using the envelope method, where the computation is based on the values of local minima and maxima in the oscillations of transmission spectra. In the present work, an improved procedure for calculating the optical parameters from the measurements data is(More)
To identify the early diabetic musculoskeletal symptoms of previously undiagnosed diabetic subjects, a case-control study was carried out. The cases and controls were recruited from a population aged 55 years. Questions concerning the symptoms were asked before the 2-h oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT). The results show that pain in the right hand was the(More)
Gold micropatterns are deposited from aqueous solutions of NaAuCl(4) on boron-doped Si(100) surfaces (rho = 1.5 x 10(-4) Omega m) using a focused Ar(+) laser beam (TEM(00), lambda = 488 nm, w(0) = 1.5 mum, P = 20-80 mW). The finite-element method employed for computing the surface temperature profiles reveals that the maximum temperature at the(More)