Antti Sihvonen

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Studies on health inequalities have usually focused either on mortality or on morbidity. This concerns national studies as well as international comparisons of health inequalities. This paper seeks to bridge the gap by applying health expectancy as a synthetic overall measure of health. The purpose of the study is to compare socioeconomic inequalities in(More)
Using the method first presented by Sullivan, the article presents results on health expectancy by level of education and gender in the late 1980s in Finland. The life tables by level of education cover the years 1986-90. Indicators of disability and poor health were based on three variables from the nationwide 1986 Survey on Living Conditions (N = 12,057):(More)
Digital services provide the means to improve customer relationships and insight, enable co-creation of value, and disseminate word-of-mouth through digital channels all leading to stronger brand differentiation and higher customer lifetime value. Capturing the value from digital services requires that enough users adopt and frequently use the provided(More)
This study explores the relationships between customer empowerment (CE), new product performance (NPP) and firm performance (FP) as well as important contextual factors influencing these relationships. CE is defined in this study as the extent which a firm provides its customers ways to (1) actively shape the nature of its transactions and (2) connect with(More)
This study aims to identify the configurations of mobile advertisement components that lead to high performance in terms of commonly used digital marketing metrics. The effectiveness of advertisement is measured by click-through-rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (eCPC)–values. The case company is a global dairy supplier called Dairy Foods. The data is gathered(More)
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