Antti Pohjoranta

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Reproduced by the permission of ECS – The Electrochemical Society leakages to fuel system will retain the anode in oxidized state. Moreover, some performance loss was measured when the stack was heated to 400 C before fuel supply was started. Therefore, it is recommended that the supply of hydrogen-rich reducing gas is started already below 350 C, or as low(More)
Practical aspects of implementing surfactant mass balance computation in finite elements models, where the model geometry shape change is captured by utilizing the arbitrary Lagrange–Eulerian method are discussed briefly. The discussion and the reported simulations are carried out in two-dimensional Cartesian coordinates. Two alternative approaches to(More)
The applicability of multivariable linear regression (MLR) models to estimate the maximum temperature inside a SOFC stack is investigated experimentally. The experiments were carried out with a complete 10 kW SOFC system using an 80-cell stack by Versa Power Systems. The behavior of the maximum temperature measured inside a SOFC stack with respect to four(More)
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