Antti P. Miettinen

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Energy efficiency is a fundamental consideration for mobile devices. Cloud computing has the potential to save mobile client energy but the savings from offloading the computation need to exceed the energy cost of the additional communication. In this paper we provide an analysis of the critical factors affecting the energy consumption of mobile clients in(More)
Energy efficiency is an essential design criterion for mobile hand-held devices. We underline the issue that parallel programs for mobile devices must be efficiently executable on the development platforms in addition to their efficient execution on the target hardware. Further, we argue that with the proliferation of increasingly complex heterogeneous(More)
JavaScript is the dominant language of modern web applications. In this research, we have investigated the battery-consumption of JavaScript applications running on mobile phones. In our empirical study, we developed and analysed eight implementations of the same application using different JavaScript libraries. The results show that there are significant(More)
This paper discusses parallel scalability of software running on multi-core processors. We have used the behavior of a video codec as the workload, because we see modern multimedia-oriented hand-held devices as the main application domain for our work. Parallel scalability is important for the speed of processing. Further, it reflects the ability to utilize(More)
We present our evaluation of a simulation mechanism for understanding non-functional properties of computer software. Considering the prevalence of computer-based appliances, such as mobile hand-held devices, it is important for software to have high performance and energy-efficiency. Understanding the timing of software execution is essential for(More)
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