Antti Niskanen

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As the number of embedded systems in everyday usage has been increasing at an enormous rate recently, the demand for reliable and readily available systems is continuously growing. Problems in reliability and availability are typically detected after system implementation, when fault correction and modifications are difficult and expensive to implement.(More)
We demonstrate a client-server quantum key distribution (QKD) scheme. Large resources such as laser and detectors are situated at the server side, which is accessible via telecom fiber to a client requiring only an on-chip polarization rotator, which may be integrated into a handheld device. The detrimental effects of unstable fiber birefringence are(More)
Quantum-circuit optimization is essential for any practical realization of quantum computation , in order to beat decoherence. We present a scheme for implementing the final stage in the compilation of quantum circuits, i.e., for finding the actual physical realiza-tions of the individual modules in the quantum-gate library. We find that numerical(More)
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