Antti Miettinen

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Quantitative information on residents’ valuations attached to urban forests is needed for assessing urban land-use. The aim of this study is to value implicitly non-priced urban forest amenities by comparing dwelling prices and specific amounts of amenities associated with dwelling units. The empirical study is based on data from the sales of terraced(More)
The usage of social media (SOME) has increased during the last few years due the increase in the amount of smartphones. SOME has emerged alongside the traditional channels of communication in crisis communication. SOME has become extremely popular in recent years and the authorities have adopted it as part of their communication strategy. This paper(More)
This paper estimates and compares the costs incurred to a private landowner from establishing and managing 25-m wide biodiversity zones on field and forest margins in southern Finland. Crop and timber prices being at their long-term averages, current agricultural support paid and the real discount rate 3%, the average annual net costs per hectare of field(More)
A prominent characteristic of the reconstructed Northern Hemi7 sphere temperature signal over the last millennium is the transition from the 8 Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA) to the Little Ice Age (LIA). Here we report 9 indications for a non-linear regime shift in the North Atlantic ocean circulation 10 during the onset of the Little Ice Age. Specifically,(More)
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