Antti Martikainen

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UNLABELLED Escherichia coli segregates protein aggregates to the poles by nucleoid exclusion. Combined with cell divisions, this generates heterogeneous aggregate distributions in subsequent cell generations. We studied the robustness of this process with differing medium richness and antibiotics stress, which affect nucleoid size, using multimodal,(More)
User interface languages are struggling to meet the requirements for supporting universal usability in multi-channel environments. Significant problems relate to achieving a systematic user interface modelling process that is flexible enough to satisfy device specific usability requirements. The difficulties commonly result in laborious application(More)
The fast adaptation of Escherichia coli to stressful environments includes the regulation of gene expression rates, mainly of transcription, by specific and global stress-response mechanisms. To study the effects of mechanisms acting on a global level, we observed with single molecule sensitivity the effects of mild acidic shift and oxidative stress on the(More)
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