Antti Lamminen

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We have been following clinically and with muscle MRI for the past 3-decades a Finnish family with two patients with distal muscular dystrophy. Previously we demonstrated the cellular defect in these patients to be defective membrane repair and more recently have identified the causative gene to be anoctamin 5 (ANO5). The disorder seen in these patients is(More)
Anoctaminopathy is a new muscular dystrophy caused by mutations in the ANO5 gene. ANO5 mutations cause distal and proximal phenotypes. We report here a follow-up muscle MRI study on five patients affected by distal form of anoctaminopathy. T1 weighted scans showed subsequent involvement of gastrocnemius medialis and soleus, hip adductors, hamstrings,(More)
BACKGROUND Many children with permanent brachial plexus birth injury (BPBI) develop shoulder problems, with subsequent joint deformity without treatment. We assessed the indications and outcome of shoulder operations for BPBI. PATIENTS AND METHODS 31 BPBI patients who had undergone a shoulder operation in our hospital between March 2002 and December 2005(More)
—This paper presents building blocks for a proposed automotive intermodulation radar for detecting and identifying vulnerable road users (VRUs). The intermodulation radar transmits at two frequencies and it has receivers both for normal reflections and for reflections from VRUs at the intermodulation frequency. A possible radar architecture is presented and(More)
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