Antti L Pakkanen

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate interindividual variation in acute reactions to ethanol. Six young, healthy female subjects participated in a double-blind experiment consisting of two identical alcohol sessions and one control session where glucose was infused instead of ethanol. Alcohol was infused in a standardized way to reach blood alcohol(More)
Effects of intravenously given alcohol on eye movements were analysed in ten voluntary subjects. Each subject served as his/her own control. Good correlations were found between the changes in saccade variables and subjective evaluations of alertness, eye movement control and intoxication. Interindividually, the subjective evaluation of drunkenness(More)
Developments in gene therapy have led to a need for new and more efficient transfection vectors. So far, the use of viruses has received major attention. During the recent years, however, cationic liposomes have emerged as a potential rival for viruses and have several advantages, e.g. nonimmunogenity, low toxicity and a capability to carry larger amounts(More)
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