Antti Koskela

1Oksana Ismailova
1Maria Cristina Antal
1Alexander Kaiser
1Stefan E. Huber
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The bone-sparing effect of estrogens is mediated primarily via estrogen receptor (ER)α, which stimulates gene transcription through activation function (AF)-1 and AF-2. The role of ERαAF-1 for the estradiol (E2) effects is tissue specific. The selective ER modulators (SERMs) raloxifene (Ral), lasofoxifene (Las), and bazedoxifene (Bza) can be used to treat(More)
The action of the matrix exponential and related ϕ functions on vectors plays an important role in the application of exponential integrators to ordinary differential equations. For the efficient evaluation of linear combinations of such actions we consider a new Krylov subspace algorithm. By employing Cauchy's integral formula an error representation of(More)
In this paper we give first results for the approximation of e A b, i.e. the matrix exponential times a vector, using the incomplete orthogonalization method. The benefits compared to the Arnoldi iteration are clear: shorter orthogonalization lengths make the algorithm faster and a large memory saving is also possible. For the case of three term(More)
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