Antti Kerminen

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Technological development has made computer interaction more common and also commercially feasible, and the number of interactive systems has grown rapidly. At the same time, the systems should be able to adapt to various situations and various users, so as to provide the most efficient and helpful mode of interaction. The aim of the Interact project is to(More)
Inthispaper,wepresentourapproach todialoguemanagementinthespoken dialogue system that is being developed within the project Interact. Compared to traditional approaches, ourdialoguemanagerwillsupportthe system's adaptivity and flexibility withthehelpoftwodesigndecisions: anagent-basedarchitectureandtheuse of neural network models. Our experiments focus on(More)
This paper reports on the evaluation of the adaptive user model component used in the AthosMail system. The component focuses on the user's expertise levels with respect to the system functionality, and encodes these as three types of recommendations for the explicitness in the system responses. The user's expertise level is defined separately for each(More)
AthosMail is a multilingual spoken dialogue system for e-mail message reading on a mobile phone. The key features of the application are adaptivity and the integration of different approaches to spoken interaction. The application has a flexible system structure supporting multiple components for both different and the same purposes. The AthosMail system(More)
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