Antti Huovilainen

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In this article, oscillator algorithms for digital subtractive synthesis were reviewed. The algorithms were divided into three categories: bandlimited, quasi-bandlimited, and alias-reducing methods. In the first category, the most interesting methods are in practice those that utilize wavetable techniques. The second category consists of methods that(More)
This paper presents a non-linear digital implementation of the Moog ladder filter. The implementation is relatively efficient and suitable for inclusion into real-time systems, for example virtual analog synthesizers. The analog circuit is analyzed to produce a differential equation. This equation is solved using Euler's method, and the result is shown to(More)
This paper is concerned with accurate discretization of linear analog filters such that the frequency response of the discrete time filter accurately matches that of the continuous time filter. The approach is based on formal reconstruction of the continuous time signal using Shannon's interpolation theorem and numerical solving of the differential equation(More)
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