Antony T. Young

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A total of 31 patients with 45 episodes of failing arteriovenous dialysis fistulas was studied. Fistula failure was usually due to venous and/or anastomotic stenosis, often in conjunction with thrombosis. Abnormalities were treated by percutaneous dilation and occasionally streptokinase infusion. Most complications and failures occurred either in patients(More)
A series of patients with single major scoliosis curvatures attributable to spina bifida treated by anterior only spinal fusion was studied for 2 years to determine whether the infection rate could be decreased, adequate correction and pelvic balance could be provided, and posterior surgery could be avoided in these patients. Anterior surgery alone was(More)
The new Amplatz retrievable filter was placed 15 times into the inferior vena cava (IVC) of 7 dogs. Retrieval of the filter was attempted in 11 cases after 1 week and in 3 cases after 2 weeks. The retrieval was successful and without complication in all 14 cases. The 15th placement resulted in thrombotic occlusion of the IVC, and no retrieval was attempted.
A simple device is described that can reduce personnel exposure from scatter radiation by up to 75%. The device consists of an oblong piece of shielding (0.75-mm lead equivalent) that is taped to the side of the patient during percutaneous renal stone removal and other interventional procedures. Contrary to other shields and barriers, this does not(More)
The inelastic part of Rayleigh scattering, which we previously showed can account for the partially filled line profiles of the blue sky observed at high spectral resolution, also explains the variation of polarization across a line profile. At lower spectral resolution, only the rotational part of the molecular scattering is needed to account for the(More)