Antony Schutz

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Music transcription refers to extraction of a human readable and interpretable description from a recording of a music performance. Automatic music transcription remains, nowadays , a challenging research problem when dealing with polyphonic sounds or when removing certain constraints. Some instruments like guitars and violins add ambiguity to the problem(More)
Astronomical optical interferometers sample the Fourier transform of the intensity distribution of a source at the observation wavelength. Because of rapid perturbations caused by atmospheric turbulence, the phases of the complex Fourier samples (visibilities) cannot be directly exploited. Consequently, specific image reconstruction methods have been(More)
The estimation of the parameters of a sinusoidal signal is an old problem and has been extensively studied in the literature. We propose here to use a well known method ; the estimation of the parameters by using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and by taking into account the mutual influence of a part of the frequential peaks. When we extract the(More)
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