Antony Mathews

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1 Cover-incomparability graphs (C-I graphs, for short) are introduced, whose edge-set is the union of edge-sets of the incomparability and the cover graph of a poset. Posets whose C-I graphs are chordal (resp. distance-hereditary, Ptolemaic) are characterized in terms of forbidden subposets, and a general approach for studying C-I graphs is proposed.(More)
The standard poset transit function of a poset P is a function T P that assigns to a pair of comparable elements the interval between them, while T P (x, y) = {x, y} for a pair x, y of incomparable elements. Posets in which the standard poset transit function coincides with the shortest-path transit function of its cover-incomparability graph are(More)
It is normal to have patients to present with agitation to the emergency department. The history could be suggestive of the diagnosis in most. When an apparently healthy young man comes to the hospital agitated, without any history of fever or trauma, it is not an easy one to diagnose. This is a case report of a 35 year old gentleman who presented with such(More)
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