Antony M L Coenen

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1. Quasi-intracellular recordings from neurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat have been made. From these recordings the excitatory input of these neurons could be determined. 2. The experiments suggest, that the excitatory input of a geniculate neuron is originating from one single optic tract fibre. 3. The experiments were performed on(More)
Schizophrenic patients suffer from deficits in information processing. Patients show both a decrease in P50 gating [assessed in the conditioning-testing (C-T) paradigm] and prepulse inhibition (PPI), two paradigms that assess gating. These two paradigms might have a related underlying neural substrate. Gating, as measured in both the C-T paradigm (the(More)
This study examined the welfare implications of euthanizing broilers with 3 gas mixtures relevant to the commercial application of controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS). Birds were implanted/equipped with electrodes to measure brain activity (electroencephalogram, EEG) and heart rate. These signals were recorded using a purpose-built telemetry-logging(More)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) impulses, (0.5 Hz, 3 impulses) were presented at threshold intensity to male WAG/Rij rats. One group received stimuli, which involved motor responses of hindlimbs, rats of the second group received sham stimulation. Electrocorticograms (ECoG) were recorded before and up to 2 hr from the moment of transcranial magnetic(More)
1. Stimuli leading to backward and forward visual masking in man were presented to the cat. Responses of single units in the optic tract and the lateral geniculate nucleus were measured. 2. The results of these measurements have been compared with human psychophysical data obtained under the same stimulus conditions. The possibility of comparison between(More)
1. Responses to light stimuli of cat's optic tract and geniculate units are analyzed. Characteristics originating from the center and the surround of the receptive field are traced. These characteristics differ between ON-and OFF-center units. The origin of these differences is discussed. 2. Transfer characteristics of geniculate neurons have been(More)
The change of activity of optic tract fibers of the cat has been measured when moving visual stimuli are presented at a large distance from the center of the receptive field (McIlwain's periphery effect). Two different patterns of moving visual stimuli are used. The effects of the same stimuli are studied psychophysically with stabilized images. It appears(More)
Neurophysiological studies have indicated that the transfer of sensory information through the specific nuclei of the thalamus depends on the sleep-wake state. The transfer-ratio concept of Coenen and Vendrik (1972) states that this ratio between thalamic input from the sensory organs and thalamic output to the cortex is equal to 1.0 during wakefulness,(More)
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