Antony J Williams

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OBJECTIVES To study the effects of comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) and multidisciplinary intervention on elderly patients sent home from the emergency department (ED). DESIGN Prospective, randomized, controlled trial with 18 months of follow-up. SETTING Large medical school-affiliated public hospital in an urban setting in Sydney, Australia. (More)
BACKGROUND Prospective data on incidence, characteristics, and risk factors for cryptococcal meningitis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (CM-IRIS) are lacking. METHODS Prospective study of 65 antiretroviral therapy (ART)-naive HIV-infected cryptococcal meningitis (CM) patients, who started ART after initiation of antifungal treatment. CM-IRIS(More)
Effective treatments to improve survivability following exposure to the nerve agent soman have been established and are currently available. Unfortunately, electrographic brain seizures, neuroinflammation and brain cell death are still a potential problem even with treatment. In the present study we have characterized the time course of the central(More)
A significant proportion of neurologic patients suffer electroencephalographic (EEG) seizures in the acute phase following traumatic or ischemic brain injury, including many without overt behavioral manifestations. Although such nonconvulsive seizures may exacerbate neuropathological processes, they have received limited attention clinically and(More)
BACKGROUND The presentation and causes of adult meningitis in South Africa have changed substantially as a result of HIV. Knowledge of aetiology and laboratory findings in patients presenting with meningitis are important in guiding management. We performed a retrospective study to determine these findings in a setting of high HIV and TB prevalence in Cape(More)
Temporal changes in gene expression were measured using DNA microarrays after 30-min or 2-hr transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAo) in rats. Total RNA was extracted from the injured hemisphere at 30 min, 4 hr, 8 hr, 24 hr, 3 days, and 7 days after MCAo for GeneChip analysis using Affymetrix U34 Rat Neurobiology arrays (1,322 functional genes). In(More)
Nonconvulsive seizures (NCSs) after traumatic and ischemic brain injury are often refractory to antiepileptic drug therapy and are associated with a decline in patient outcome. We recently characterized an in vivo rat model of focal brain ischemia-induced NCS and here sought to evaluate potential pharmacological treatments. Electroencephalographic activity(More)
BACKGROUND Interferon-gamma (IFNγ) is of key importance in the immune response to Cryptococcus neoformans. Mortality related to cryptococcal meningitis remains high, and novel treatment strategies are needed. We performed a randomized controlled trial to determine whether addition of IFNγ to standard therapy increased the rate of clearance of cryptococcal(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether offering volunteer support from counsellors in breast feeding would result in more women breast feeding. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING 32 general practices in London and south Essex. PARTICIPANTS 720 women considering breast feeding. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Primary outcome was prevalence of any breast(More)
The inferior colliculus and auditory cortex of the pallid bat contain a large percentage of neurons that are highly selective for the direction and rate of the downward frequency modulated (FM) sweep of the bat’s echolocation pulse. Approximately 25% of neurons tuned to the echolocation pulse respond exclusively to downward FM sweeps. This review focuses on(More)