Antony C. Fraser-Smith

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We consider the detection in the presence of 1=f noise of a known transient signal of unknown amplitude, scale and delay. We introduce a generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) method based on pattern matching in the undec-imated discrete wavelet transform (UDWT) domain. In many cases, the computational complexity of the detector can be reduced with(More)
This paper presents new measurements of the magnetic field component of naturally–produced electromagnetic radiation in the ELF/VLF range. The measurements are compared to calculations based on modal propagation theory. The nocturnal spectrum below 5 kHz often contains a sharp increase in spectral level at the cutoff frequency of the first mode (∼1700 Hz),(More)
A single culture of Chlorella pyrenoidosa (700 ml) was grown continuously under uniform environmental conditions for a period of 11 months. During this time, the culture remained uncontaminated and its oxygen production, carbon dioxide consumption, and photosynthetic quotient (PQ = CO(2)/O(2)) were monitored on a 24-hr basis. The gas exchange(More)
We address the problem of identifying and removing man-made transients from geomagnetic time series acquired with an array of magnetometers. We model the transients as scaling functions of unknown scales, amplitudes, and delays. We then use an undecimated discrete wavelet transform to identify the transients in the presence of the natural 1=f geomagnetic(More)