Antonius Reifferscheid

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Definitions of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) include obesity, dyslipidemia, elevated levels of fasting blood glucose, and blood pressure as criteria, but it is also known that the MetS is associated with chronic, subclinical inflammation. Hyperglycemia (fasting and postprandial) may be important in exacerbating this proinflammatory state. We aimed to assess(More)
BACKGROUND Faced with economic pressure and with the insufficient funding of investments many hospitals are in deficit. However, there is little evidence whether these circumstances translate into rationing of services and which factors might be relevant in this context. Concerning the development of the number of patients it is also unclear, whether(More)
Background and research question: The hospital sector is currently characterized by a high economic pressure. As well the DRG system as the investment financing by the federal states imply financial limitations. Hospitals react to this situation by trying to reduce costs and to increase case volume. It is questionable whether and to what extent patient care(More)
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