Antonis M. Paschalis

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Software-based self-test (SBST) strategies are particularly useful for periodic testing of deeply embedded processors in low-cost embedded systems that do not require immediate detection of errors and cannot afford the well-known hardware, software, or time redundancy mechanisms.In this paper, first, we identify the stringent characteristics of an SBST test(More)
A deterministic software-based self-testing methodology for processor cores is introduced that efficiently tests the processor datapath modules without any modification of the processor structure. It provides a guaranteed high fault coverage without repetitive fault simulation experiments which is necessary in pseudorandom software-based processor(More)
Built-In Self-Test (BIST) techniques constitute an effective and practical approach for VLSI circuits testing. BIST schemes are typically classified into two categories: offline and online. Input vector monitoring concurrent BIST schemes are a class of online techniques that circumvent the problems appearing separately in online and in offline BIST in a(More)
Software-based self-test (SBST) has recently emerged as an effective methodology for the manufacturing test of processors and other components in Systems-on-Chip (SoCs). By moving test related functions from external resources to the SoC's interior, in the form of test programs that the on-chip processor executes, SBST eliminates the need for high-cost(More)
Instruction-based self-testing of embedded processor cores provides an excellent technique for balancing the testing effort for complex Systems-on-Chip (SoC) between slow, inexpensive external testers and embedded code stored in memory cores. In this paper we apply our efficient methodology for processor core self-testing based on the knowledge of its(More)
Wallace free summation in conjunction with Booth encoding are well known techniques to design fast multiplier cores widely used as embedded cores in the design of complex systems on chip. Testing of such multiplier cores deeply embedded in complex ICs requires the utilization of a BIST architecture that can be easily synthesized along with the multiplier by(More)