Antonis Alexandridis

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In this Letter we investigate the error performance of multiple-input multiple-output free-space optical communication systems employing intensity modulation/direct detection and operating over strong atmospheric turbulence channels. Atmospheric-induced strong turbulence fading is modeled using the negative exponential distribution. For the considered(More)
This paper will review the evolution of wearable textile antennas over the last couple of decades. Particular emphasis will be given to the process of embroidery. This technique is advantageous for the following reasons: (i) bespoke or mass produced designs can be manufactured using digitized embroidery machines; (ii) glue is not required and (iii) the(More)
This letter presents novel circular and elliptical coplanar waveguide (CPW)-fed slot and mictrostip-fed antenna designs targeting the 3.1–10.6 GHz band. The antennas are comprised of elliptical or circular stubs that excite similar-shaped slot apertures. Four prototypes have been examined, fabricated and experimentally tested, the three being fed by a CPW(More)
In this paper, new results for the multivariate Rayleigh distribution with an arbitrary correlation matrix are presented. By using an efficient tridiagonalization method based on Householder matrices, closed-form union upper bounds for its joint probability density and cumulative density functions are derived. Based on the proposed mathematical analysis, a(More)