Antonis Alexandridis

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In this paper, new results for the multivariate Rayleigh distribution with an arbitrary correlation matrix are presented. By using an efficient tridiagonalization method based on House-holder matrices, closed-form union upper bounds for its joint probability density and cumulative density functions are derived. Based on the proposed mathematical analysis, a(More)
In this work numerical simulation and measurements of three-dimensional radiation patterns of a mobile handset model in the presence of a human head phantom were performed at 1800 MHz. Based on theoretical and experimental results, the influence of the human head on the radiation efficiency of the handset has been investigated as a function of the handset(More)
In this paper we introduce the incorporation of magneto-electric materials into antenna design and the potential of controlling the behavior of the antenna by means of an external magnetic field. After an intensive study of magneto-electric material properties, a ferrimagnetic compound called Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) was found to be the best candidate for(More)
An infinite series representation for the moment generating function of the sum of squared arbitrarily correlated Rayleigh random variables is presented. Based on the derived formula, corresponding analytical expressions for the probability density and cumulative distribution functions are extracted. As an application for the aforementioned sum, exact(More)