Antonios Paraschakis

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BACKGROUND Whether differences exist between those who do leave a suicide note and those who do not has not yet been comprehensively answered. Leaving a suicide note is not a random phenomenon: A minority, varying between 3-42%, of all suicide victims leave a note. AIMS To compare the group of suicide victims who leave notes with the ones who do not,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the characteristics of a sample of suicide victims from the Athens Greater Area using the psychological autopsy method for the first time in Greece. METHODS We studied all recorded cases of completed suicide for the 2-year time period November 2007-October 2009 collecting data from the victims' forensic records as well as from the(More)
Elderly suicide rates are the highest of any age group. Greece is among the countries with the highest proportion of elderly people in the European Union (EU). Elderly suicide victims seem to possess different characteristics. Aim of our study was to elucidate the different characteristics of elderly suicide victims. Data was collected from a two-year(More)
Refractory schizophrenia poses many therapeutic dilemmas. Clozapine is currently considered as the most effective medication for the treatment of refractory schizophrenia. Unfortunately, it carries serious and often life-threatening adverse effects such as agranulocitosis, hypersalivation, somnolence, weight gain, diabetes, and epileptic seizures. Various(More)
This article focused on the relation between the method of last attempted suicide and the method used during the subsequent completed suicide. Using the method of psychological autopsy, the authors studied all suicide cases from the Athens Greater Area during a 2-year period. Twenty-four percent of the victims had history of previous suicide attempts. The(More)
We present a case of a 52-year-old male patient suffering from chronic schizophrenia stabilized on risperidone long-acting injection (37,5 mg/2 weeks) and biperiden 4 mg/day. Residual symptoms are affective flattening, alogia, avolition, and asociality. Memantine 10 mg/day was added. After 1.5 months, the patient spontaneously referred to "feel better being(More)
BACKGROUND Immigrants have higher rates of suicidal behaviour in comparison to the indigenous population. AIMS To describe the characteristics of foreign nationality suicide completers and search for differences between them and native Greeks. This is the first study focused on immigrant suicide victims in Greece. METHODS Data were collected for all(More)
Frequency and gender differences of psychiatric medication intake in a sample of suicide victims from the Athens Greater Area were investigated with a particular focus on the implications for suicide prevention. Data were collected from the toxicological analyses of the suicide cases of the period November 2007-October 2009. Information was available for(More)
Recent research indicates that subtle differences may exist in the symptom profile of male and female depression. The aim of this review is to examine male/female differences in depressive psychopathology in light of the latest research findings and discuss whether these differences might suggest the need for gender specific treatments. Multiple searches(More)
We studied a sample of suicide victims from Greece's main port of Piraeus area (population: approx. 700,000 individuals) and investigated all suicides for the 10-year period 2006-2015, collecting data from the victims' forensic records at the Piraeus Department of Forensic Medicine. Sixty-nine (15.9%) out of 435 suicides were due to drowning, 51 (73.9%)(More)