Antonios Litke

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Fault tolerant Grid computing is of vital importance as the Grid and Mobile computing worlds converge to the Mobile Grid computing paradigm. We present an efficient scheme based on task replication, which utilizes the Weibull reliability function for the Grid resources so as to estimate the number of replicas that are going to be scheduled in order to(More)
Grid computing has recently migrated from traditional high performance and distributed computing to pervasive and utility computing based on the advanced capabilities of the wireless networks and the lightweight, thin devices. This has as result the emergence of a new computing paradigm which is the Mobile Grid. This paper provides a discussion on Mobile(More)
The advent of Grid environments made feasible the solution of computational intensive problems in a reliable and cost-effective way. As workflow systems carry out more complex and mission-critical applications, Quality of Service (QoS) analysis serves to ensure that each application meets user requirements. In that frame, we present a novel algorithm which(More)
Grid Infrastructures have been used to solve large scale scientific problems that do not have special requirements on QoS. However, the introduction and success of the Grids in commercial applications as well, entails the provision of QoS mechanisms which will allow for meeting the special requirements of the users-customers. In this paper we present an(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient non-linear task workload prediction mechanism incorporated with a fair scheduling algorithm for task allocation and resource management in Grid computing. Workload prediction is accomplished in a Grid middleware approach using a non-linear model expressed as a series of finite known functional components using concepts(More)
Mobile Agent technology is an interesting concept for large network-based system structures. In this paper we describe a Java-based agent environment which integrates agent execution platforms into World Wide Web servers promoting a world wide infrastructure for Mobile Agents. This system has been developed within the framework of MEMPHIS IST project, which(More)
Grids are typically used for solving large-scale resource and computing intensive problems in science, engineering, and commerce as they seem to be cost-effective for industrial users. In order to be able to meet this requirement the software modules developed should be designed to meet the requisites for commercial business processes on the grid. In this(More)