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The authors describe an intoxication by Atractylis gummifera in a 7-year old boy who drunk an extract made from the plant's root as traditional medicine. He was admitted to the Hospital 2 days after ingestion, in coma stage II, with epigastric pain, vomiting and general anxiety. Laboratory findings showed severe hepatocellular damage and acute renal(More)
Alcohol is one of the main causes of traffic accidents worldwide. Its use decreases significantly the driving ability of an individual as well as the reflexes of a pedestrian increasing in this way the possibilities of their involvement in motor-vehicle accidents. The above possibilities are increased when a psychoactive substance has been taken in(More)
BACKGROUND We have assessed the ability of the Emergency Department Injury Surveillance System (EDISS), a registration network operating with limited resources, to predict the burden and pattern of injuries in the whole Greece. METHODS We have compared hospitalizations calculated on the basis of EDISS with those routinely recorded by the National(More)
The attitudes of the Greeks, a Mediterranean population, to the issue of telling the truth to the patient have been studied. There is no clear answer to the question: 'Do the Greeks wish to be informed of the nature of their illness?'. The answer is: 'It depends'. It depends on age, education, family status, occupation, place of birth and residence and on(More)
The concentrations of Cu, Zn, Fe and Mg in fingernails of 212 normal children, 109 males and 103 females, 6--11 years old, were determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy. A wide scatter of results in all trace element determinations in fingernails was found. Nevertheless, it was noted that the petrographical composition of the region influences the trace(More)
Epidemiologic characteristics were studied in a sample of 50 patients with pancreatic cancer admitted at various hospitals of Athens during an 18-month period, and in 206 controls hospitalized during the same period with diagnoses other than cancer, and disorders of liver or pancreas. Trace elements (Cu, Zn, Mg) were determined in all cancer cases and in 63(More)
Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor-gamma (PPAR-gamma) is a ligand-activated transcription factor belonging to the steroid receptor superfamily. It is a key regulator of adipogenic differentiation and glucose homeostasis, the ligands of which have also been demonstrated to induce differentiation in human breast, lung and colon cancer cell lines. In(More)
Metallothionein is a low molecular mass protein inducible mainly by heavy metals, having high affinity for binding cadmium, zinc and copper. In the present study we investigated the expression of metallothionein in regenerating liver, at different time intervals, in cadmium pretreated partially hepatectomized rats. Liver metallothionein is highly expressed(More)
Low serum zinc levels and high urinary zinc excretion were found in 25 patients with bronchogenic carcinoma. Twenty of them underwent successful removal of the tumor by lobectomy or pneumonectomy; in the other 5 patients surgical exploration revealed unresectable pulmonary lesions. The latter had significantly lower serum zinc and higher urinary zinc levels(More)
Plasma and hair zinc concentrations were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry in 34 control subjects, 20 nondialyzed uremic patients and 18 patients treated with regular hemodialysis. Plasma zinc levels were low in both nondialyzed and hemodialyzed patients. Hair zinc levels were low in the nondialyzed uremics, but at least partialy restored to(More)