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Cell-collagen interactions: the use of peptide Toolkits to investigate collagen-receptor interactions.
Fibrillar collagens provide the most fundamental platform in the vertebrate organism for the attachment of cells and matrix molecules. We have identified specific sites in collagens to which cellsExpand
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Characterization of High Affinity Binding Motifs for the Discoidin Domain Receptor DDR2 in Collagen*♦
The discoidin domain receptors, DDR1 and DDR2, are receptor tyrosine kinases that are activated by native triple-helical collagen. Here we have located three specific DDR2 binding sites by screeningExpand
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Crystallographic Insight into Collagen Recognition by Discoidin Domain Receptor 2
Summary The discoidin domain receptors, DDR1 and DDR2, are widely expressed receptor tyrosine kinases that are activated by triple-helical collagen. They control important aspects of cell behaviorExpand
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Topological Analysis of Hedgehog Acyltransferase, a Multipalmitoylated Transmembrane Protein*
Background: Hedgehog acyltransferase (HHAT) palmitoylates hedgehog proteins and is a potential target in cancer. Results: HHAT has ten transmembrane domains, two reentrant loops, and fourExpand
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Membrane bound O-acyltransferases and their inhibitors.
Since the identification of the membrane-bound O-acyltransferase (MBOATs) protein family in the early 2000s, three distinct members [porcupine (PORCN), hedgehog (Hh) acyltransferase (HHAT) andExpand
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CHARACTERISATION OF HIGH-AFFINITY BINDING MOTIFS FOR THE DISCOIDIN DOMAIN RECEPTOR DDR2 IN COLLAGEN Antonios D. Konitsiotis, Nicolas Raynal, Dominique Bihan, Erhard Hohenester, Richard W. Farndale,Expand
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Spatial cycles mediated by UNC119 solubilisation maintain Src family kinases plasma membrane localisation
The peripheral membrane proto-oncogene Src family protein tyrosine kinases relay growth factor signals to the cytoplasm of mammalian cells. We unravel the spatial cycles of solubilisation, trappingExpand
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Attenuation of Hedgehog Acyltransferase-Catalyzed Sonic Hedgehog Palmitoylation Causes Reduced Signaling, Proliferation and Invasiveness of Human Carcinoma Cells
Overexpression of Hedgehog family proteins contributes to the aetiology of many cancers. To be highly active, Hedgehog proteins must be palmitoylated at their N-terminus by the MBOAT familyExpand
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Reversible cryo-arrest for imaging molecules in living cells at high spatial resolution
The dynamics of molecules in living cells hampers precise imaging of molecular patterns by functional and super-resolution microscopy. We developed a method that circumvents lethal chemical fixationExpand
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Click chemistry armed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to measure palmitoylation by hedgehog acyltransferase
Hedgehog signaling is critical for correct embryogenesis and tissue development. However, on maturation, signaling is also found to be aberrantly activated in many cancers. Palmitoylation of theExpand
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