Antonios Andreatos

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A computer-aided assessment system is presented that has been designed to produce and deliver tests to the Hellenic Air Force Academy students and assess their performance. The system is called eXaminer and is intended for use in both undergraduate courses and distance learning postgraduate programs of the Academy. The eXaminer uses metalanguage concepts to(More)
In this paper a connection establishment and release mechanism of a full duplex communication protocol is specified. The specification is written in SDL graphical [GR] representation. The protocol phases described here are destined for unreliable and noisy channels. In order to cope with such an environment, the following measures are taken: 1. Connection(More)
This paper describes an automated system for the delivery of tests and the assessment of performance of students. The system, called eXaminer , has been developed for use in both undergraduate courses and distance learning programs of the Hellenic Air Force Academy. eXaminer uses metalanguage concepts to automatically generate tests, based on parametrically(More)
This paper proposes an integrated approach for e-commerce business modeling and system design, based on the Reference Model of the Open Distributed Processing (RM/ODP) standard. Initially, the main concerns of e-commerce with respect to business modeling are presented; next, the requirements induced by this modeling and the generic e-commerce system(More)
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