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Cloud systems have shifted traditional on-premise software products towards new and service oriented solutions. In order to adapt to this new trend, traditional software vendors are facing a necessary evolution towards service oriented software products. This software evolution is quite complex and full of problems. This paper presents lessons learned and(More)
This paper defines and validates a solution to support organizational learning through the interactive evolution of organizational knowledge. The approach includes mechanisms to acquire the experiences of individuals working in different teams and environments, combine them with the existing company's knowledge assets, and disseminate the evolved knowledge(More)
For any Software Process Improvement (SPI) initiative to succeed human factors, in particular, motivation and commitment of the people involved should be kept in mind. In fact, Organizational Change Management (OCM) has been identified as an essential knowledge area for any SPI initiative. However, enough attention is still not given to the human factors(More)
It is evident that organizations are demanding more efficient information management technologies in order to offer high quality services for both internal and external clients. Firms pursue the implementation of processes aligned to their strategic and operational objectives and, to achieve these goals, they usually introduce various frameworks and(More)