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The basement membrane complex (BMC) is a critical component of the extracellular matrix (ECM) that supports and facilitates the growth of cells. This study investigates four detergents commonly used in the process of tissue decellularization and their effect upon the BMC. The BMC of porcine urinary bladder was subjected to 3% Triton-X 100, 8mM(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe some biological, behavioural and psychological correlates of the Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire, and to determine the relationship between dietary restraint, binge eating, and leptin among obese women seeking treatment. DESIGN Consecutive series of obese women enrolled in a clinical program for weight reduction treatment. (More)
Mice pups were exposed daily to a stress-producing procedure (handling and saline injection) during the first 3 weeks of life. At 25 and 45 days of age, they were tested for differences in the tail-flick and hot-plate tests. The results indicate that chronic handling procedures during developmental stages can produce a long-lasting increase of the threshold(More)
Electrospinning has been gaining increasing popularity in the fabrication of engineered tissue scaffolds due to its ability to produce nanoto microscale fi brous sheets. Many investigators have attempted to apply various degrees of control to this process in order to produce fi ber meshes with more predictable patterns. These attempts have largely been(More)
The aorta possesses a micro-architecture that imparts and supports a high degree of compliance and mechanical strength. Alteration of the quantity and/or arrangement of the main load-bearing components of this micro-architecture--the elastin and collagen fibers--leads to mechanical, and hence functional, changes associated with aortic disease and aging.(More)
Our study investigates short- and long-term effects of infusion of non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) on insulin secretion in healthy subjects. Twelve healthy individuals underwent a 24-h Intralipid (10% triglyceride emulsion) infusion at a rate of 0.4 ml/min with a simultaneous infusion of heparin (a bolus of 200 U followed by 0.2 U/min per kg body weight).(More)
Variants of the opioid receptors are the obvious candidates underlying addiction. The kappa opioid receptor (KOR) system seems to play a role in stress responsivity, opiate withdrawal and responses to psycho-stimulants, inhibiting mesolimbic dopamine. KOR gene polymorphisms have been reported to contribute to predisposition to voluntary alcohol-drinking(More)
An electroencephalographic (EEG) and behavioral model of head injury in unanesthetized, free moving mice has been used to test the effects of TRH and GM1. In our experimental conditions a mechanical head injury capable of inducing loss of righting reflex for 2 to 60 sec, also induces a consistent decrease of the total power of the spectrum of EEG and a(More)
Understanding how engineered tissue scaffold architecture affects cell morphology, metabolism, phenotypic expression, as well as predicting material mechanical behavior has recently received increased attention. In the present study, an image-based analysis approach that provides an automated tool to characterize engineered tissue fiber network topology is(More)
The ECM of mammalian tissues has been used as a scaffold to facilitate the repair and reconstruction of numerous tissues. Such scaffolds are prepared in many forms including sheets, powders, and hydrogels. ECM hydrogels provide advantages such as injectability, the ability to fill an irregularly shaped space, and the inherent bioactivity of native matrix.(More)