Antonio Vincenti

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BACKGROUND In haemodialysis patients, deaths due to cardiovascular causes constitute a large proportion of total mortality and sudden cardiac deaths account for approximately 22% of all deaths. The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence of sudden cardiac death and associated risk factors in a cohort of haemodialysis patients. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
127 randomly selected patients on haemodialysis showed a high prevalence of ventricular arrhythmias, the frequency of which rose significantly during and after dialysis. These patients have now been followed up for 4 years. Only age and ischaemic heart disease correlated independently with mortality. Although ventricular arrhythmias are often associated(More)
Evidence is available that in heart failure, cardiac resynchronization therapy by biventricular pacing improves myocardial function and exercise capacity. Whether this is accompanied by a sustained inhibition of heart failure-dependent sympathoexcitation is uncertain. In 11 heart failure patients (mean+/-SEM age, 68.4+/-1.5 years) in New York Heart(More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to evaluate the mechanisms of induction of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) by analysis of its onset recorded on Holter monitoring (HM). METHODS AND RESULTS One hundred and seven HM were evaluated in 90 patients (mean age 67.7, cardiac disease in 31.1%), with one or more self-terminating episodes of PAF, lasting >or=30(More)
AIMS The aims of the study are to develop a cost-minimization analysis from the hospital perspective and a cost-effectiveness analysis from the third payer standpoint, based on direct estimates of costs and QOL associated with remote follow-ups, using Merlin@home and, compared with standard ambulatory follow-ups, in the management of ICD and(More)
Inadvertent placement of an introducer sheath in an artery during central venous cannulation is rare and can result in devastating complications. Although traditional closure devices have been employed as prompt and adequate treatment, more innovative devices such as collagen plugs are being studied for their efficacy. We report a case of inadvertent(More)
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