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A recent study has shown that losartan, an AT(1)-receptor antagonist, interacts with thromboxane A(2) (TxA(2))/prostaglandin H(2) (PGH(2)) receptors in human platelets. The aim of the present study was to analyse the ability of different angiotensin II (Ang II) AT(1)-receptor antagonists to inhibit TxA(2)-dependent human platelet activation. Platelets were(More)
It has been recently suggested that pancreatic glycolipidic extracts and acidic glycolipid fractions are able to block the binding of ICA to frozen sections of human pancreas. We study the prevalence of blocking effect by the upper-phase from human pancreatic glycolipid extracts (PGE) in thirty-eight sera ICA positive from seventeen IDDM patients and(More)
Active rosette forming T lymphocytes (ARTL) represent a subpopulation of T cells with high affinity for sheep erythrocytes. It has been postulated that ARTL reflect the cellular immune status in the human, and in earlier papers we have hypothesized their suppressor activity. In this work ARTL were determined by the method of Wybran. We studied 58 insulin(More)
The levels of active T-lymphocytes, having a high affinity for sheep corpuscles, and of total T-lymphocytes in patients with antithyroglobulin antibodies were studied. A significant decrease (P less than 0.001) in the active T-lymphocyte number as compared with that of the healthy donors was seen. At the same time there was no difference between the total(More)
We present results from four field seasons in Fiji focused on rock art research. We recorded previously noted sites and surveyed particular areas in search of new ones. The results tend to confirm the scarcity of Fijian rock art, as our research has produced a total of 23 sites. Nonetheless, this fact implies some interesting aspects. First, there are at(More)
It has been suggested that acidic glycolipids may be the target of autoimmune phenomena in type 1 diabetes. The aim of the present study was to provide a better understanding of the nature and the chemical structure of pancreatic glycolipids reacting with antibodies from type 1 diabetic patients. Gangliosides and other acidic glycolipids were extracted from(More)
An experimental study was performed in patients with Type I diabetes mellitus of various duration in order to determine the levels of total T-lymphocytes (TTC) and T-lymphocytes forming an active rosette (TLAR) and to find possible correlation between the level of the above cells and titers of anticytoplasmatic antibodies (ACA) versus islet cells. The TLAR(More)
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