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Many visual search experiments measure response time (RT) as their primary dependent variable. Analyses typically focus on mean (or median) RT. However, given enough data, the RT distribution can be a rich source of information. For this paper, we collected about 500 trials per cell per observer for both target-present and target-absent displays in each of(More)
A CAD tool for analog circuit synthesis is presented. This tool, called FASY, uses fuzzy–logic based reasoning to select one topology among a fixed set of alternatives. For the selected topology, a two–phase optimizer sizes all elements to satisfy the performance constrains minimizing a cost function. In FASY, the decision rules used in the topology(More)
This paper presents two digital circuits that allow the implementation of a fully parallel stochastic Hopfield neural network (SHNN). In a parallel SHNN with n neurons, the n*n stochastic signals s (ij) pulse with probability which are proportional to the synapse inputs, are simultaneously available. The proposed circuits calculate the summation of the(More)
BACKGROUND In order to achieve a change among teens' sexual behavior, an important step is to improve our knowledge about their opinions concerning relationships, love and sexuality. METHODS A questionnaire including topics on relationships, love and sexuality was distributed to a target population of 4,000 Filipino students from third year high school to(More)
Two new class AB output stages for CMOS op-amps are proposed with accurate quiescent current control. The second proposed stage also provides accurate control of the minimum current through the output transistors. The proposed stages can be operated with a supply voltage close to a transistor threshold voltage. A dynamic biasing scheme allows them to(More)