Antonio Tiano

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This paper presents an identification method for both off-line and on-line identification of non linear models of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs). The proposed method can be applied to a quite general class of non linear multivariable models and is characterised by an excellent numerical performance, as illustrated through a simulated example. The(More)
Oesophageal pressure and mouth volume were measured by oesophageal balloon and pneumotachography, respectively, in 10 men (both normal and diseases) under different experimental conditions, i.e. spontaneous ventilation, quasi-static manoeuvres and respiration at high frequencies. The recorded data were then analyzed by an identification and parameter(More)
A new method for analyzing nitrogen multibreath washout curves, founded on a statistical multicompartment model is presented. This method consists of two phases: (i) the preliminary conversion by mathematical means of the nitrogen end-tidal concentration curves - as usually available in routine practice - into the corresponding lung nitrogen decay curves(More)
Riassunto: Il problema della taratura di uno strumento di misura può essere inquadrato sia in un contesto statistico che in un contesto ingegneristico. Nel primo, il problema viene affrontato distinguendo tra regressione inversa e regressione diretta. I modelli che si ottengono sono modelli statici e sono utilizzati per risalire alle misure ‘esatte’(More)
Maintaining the ecosystem is one of the main concerns in this modern age. With the fear of ever-increasing global warming, the UK is one of the key players to participate actively in taking measures to slow down at least its phenomenal rate. As an ingredient to this process, the Springer vehicle has been designed and is being developed for environmental(More)
In the paper the problem of ship trajectory tracking with ε-accuracy is considered. A three-degrees-of-freedom ship model with full dynamic interaction between motions in roll, sway and yaw is assumed. The aim of the paper is to determine the robust control for ship trajectory tracking with ε-accuracy. Such control is obtained by means of a state feedback(More)
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