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We reviewed causes of cancelled elective surgery in a community hospital. Over a 6-month period, during which 4100 operating room procedures were completed, cancellations occurred in 13% of cases scheduled for outpatient surgery, 9% of cases scheduled for admission the same day, and 17% of cases scheduled for inpatient surgery. Dental procedures had(More)
In an effort to learn more about resource utilization on ambulatory surgery in hospital departments of surgery and its impact on quality of care, we reviewed the causes of postoperative hospital retention following ambulatory surgery in a hospital-based program. Of 1971 patients operated on in a 6-month period, 188 were retained for a rate of 9.5%. Of(More)
Medical ultrasound (US) imaging, also known as echography, is one of the most frequently used front-line clinical imaging modalities and is characterized by its safety, affordability, accessibility, and real-time image display. Sound pulses, typically in the megahertz range, are sent into the body and the backscattered echoes are used to create a(More)
Studies have reported that intraplaque neovascularisation (IPN) is closely correlated with plaque vulnerability. In this study, a new image processing approach, differential intensity projection (DIP), was developed to visualise and quantify IPN in contrast-enhanced non-linear ultrasound image sequences of carotid arteries. DIP used the difference between(More)
We previously reported that T lymphocytes of atopic patients displayed a defect in CD2- and CD3-mediated pathways of cell activation; that defect relied on impairment of interleukin 2 (IL-2) production (Romano, M. F., Valerio, G., Turco, M. C., Spadaro, G., Venuta, S., and Formisono, S., Cell. Immunol. 139, 91, 1992). We have subsequently analyzed T cell(More)
We demonstrate a versatile phase-change sub-micron contrast agent providing three modes of contrast enhancement: 1) photoacoustic imaging contrast, 2) ultrasound contrast with optical activation, and 3) ultrasound contrast with acoustic activation. This agent, which we name 'Cy-droplet', has the following novel features. It comprises a highly volatile(More)
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