Antonio Sobreira de Almeida

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The medical community is producing and manipulating a tremendous volume of digital data for which computerized archiving, processing and analysis is needed. Grid infrastructures are promising for dealing with challenges arising in computerized medicine but the manipulation of medical data on such infrastruc-tures faces both the problem of interconnecting(More)
Starting from a recently proposed Abelian topological model in (2+1) dimensions , which involve the Kalb-Ramond two form field, we study a non-Abelian generalization of the model. An obstruction for generalization is detected. However we show that the goal is achieved if we introduce a vectorial auxiliary field. Consequently, a model is proposed, exhibiting(More)
Starting from a recently proposed abelian topological model in (2+1) dimensions , we use the method of the consistent deformations to prove that a topologi-cally massive model involving the Kalb-Ramond two form field does not admit a nonabelian generalization. The introduction of a connection-type one form field keeps the previous result. However we show(More)
An enhanced resistive switching (RS) effect is observed in Pt/BaTiO3(BTO)/ITO ferroelectric structures when a thin HfO2:Al2O3 (HAO) dielectric layer is inserted between Pt and BTO. The P-E hysteresis loops reveal the ferroelectric nature of both Pt/BTO/ITO and Pt/HAO/BTO/ITO structures. The relation between the RS and the polarization reversal is(More)
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