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This paper is concerned with the development of adaptive numerical methods for elliptic operator equations. We are particularly interested in discretization schemes based on wavelet frames. We show that by using three basic subroutines an implementable, convergent scheme can be derived, which, moreover, has optimal computational complexity. The scheme is(More)
In this paper medical applications of supervised and unsupervised neural networks image processing algorithms are presented and discussed by means of quantitative experimental results in the field of radiotherapy. The investigated case study concerns the problems and the consequent solutions referred to the two phases of the treatment plan necessary after(More)
Introduction These notes cover a portion of a course of the Doctorate Modelli e metodi mate-matici per la tecnologia e la società, given in 2001 in Rome. The title of the course was 'Evolution equations and free boundary problems' and its topics included, essentially, an introduction to Stefan and Hele-Shaw problems. Here only the material concerning the(More)
We studied the effects of trypsin on L-type calcium current in the A7r5 smooth muscle cell line. Intracellular dialysis with trypsin increased the whole-cell current up to fivefold. The effect was concentration dependent, and was prevented by soybean trypsin inhibitor. Ensemble analysis indicated an increase in the number of functional channels, and(More)
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