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The energy consumption related to data centers is ever increasing, despite the significant efficiency improvements in the involved technologies and the economic crisis. Pervasive adoption of virtualization, decreasing of PUE as well as new features related to energy-efficiency are not able to stop this growth trend, mainly sustained from the explosion of(More)
the emerging challenges, like simplicity, efficiency and agility, and the new optical-empowered technologies are driving the innovation of the networking in the data center. Virtualization, Consolidation and, more generally, the Cloud oriented approach, are the pillars of the new technological wave. A few key technologies, FCoE, TRILL and OTV, are leading(More)
Security and privacy of Smartphone data are critical requirements in case of both personal as well as corporate environment. Hence, there is a need to come up with an effective solution in order to address data leakage issues in smartphones. Generally, taint analysis techniques are used for information flow tracking and data leakage detection purpose.(More)
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