Antonio Scardino

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A cDNA vaccine (pVax1/pet-neu) was designed to encode 12 different Her-2/ErbB-2-derived, HLA-A*0201-restricted dominant and high-affinity heteroclitic cryptic epitopes. Vaccination with pVax1/pet-neu triggered multiple and ErbB-2-specific CTL responses in HLA-A*0201 transgenic HHD mice and in HLA-A*0201 healthy donors in vitro. Human and murine CTL specific(More)
DNA-based cancer vaccines represent an attractive strategy for inducing immunity to tumor associated antigens (TAAs) in cancer patients. The demonstration that the delivery of a recombinant plasmid encoding epitopes can lead to epitope production, processing, and presentation to CD8+ T-lymphocytes, and the advantage of using a single DNA construct encoding(More)
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