Antonio Scaglione

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Low-frequency (LF) electric fields (EFs) are currently used in clinical therapies of several bone diseases to increase bone regenerative processes. To identify possible molecular mechanisms involved in these processes, we evaluated the effects on cell cultures of 1 h exposures to the signal generated by an apparatus of current clinical use (frequency 60(More)
Pocket Switched Networks (PSNs) are challenged wireless networks of handheld mobile devices that exploit user mobility to distribute data in an opportunistic way. In PSNs, a fundamental issue is the choice of a suitable relay node for message forwarding. In such environments, disconnections are very frequent and an end-to-end path from source to destination(More)
Inspired by the apposition compound eyes of many dipterans, we formulated a fractal scheme to design prismatic lenses to improve the performance of silicon solar cells. We simulated the absorption of light, both directly illuminating and diffuse, using the geometrical-optics approximation. We found that properly designed bioinspired compound lenses (BCLs)(More)
Multifrequency numerical simulations of the light-coupling efficiency of a prismatic bioinspired compound lens (BCL) of silicon atop a thick silicon substrate were carried out within the framework of geometrical optics. Comparison was made with untextured and groove-textured silicon substrates as well as with untextured silicon substrates with a(More)
We evaluated the effects, on cultured human SaOS-2 cells, of exposures to the low frequency (LF) electric signal (60 kHz sinusoidal wave, 24.5 V peak-to-peak voltage, amplitude modulated by a 12.5 Hz square wave, 50% duty cycle) from an apparatus of current clinical use in bone diseases requiring regenerating processes. Cells in flasks were exposed to a(More)
A new experimental approach has been developed to determine kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of the inactivation of an enzyme under labile conditions both with and without exposure to electrical currents as sources of perturbation. Studies were undertaken to investigate if low-frequency electric currents can accelerate the thermal inactivation of an(More)
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