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When tackling the multicriteria optimization of a device in electrical engineering, the exhaustive sampling of Pareto optimal front implies the use of complex and time-consuming algorithms that are unpractical from the industrial viewpoint. In several cases, however, the accurate identification of a few non-dominated solutions is often sufficient for the(More)
The automated shape optimization of an electrostatic micromotor with radial field is tackled. Two objectives in mutual contrast i.e. static torque and torque ripple, depending on two design variables, are considered. An innovative procedure for vector optimization which aims at obtaining as many optimal solutions as possible, is presented. To this end, a(More)
Dielectrophoresis of a solid particle in a liquid medium is usually studied under the assumption that the dielectrics are ideal. Real dielectrics, however, exhibit nonzero conductivities, and the results are sometimes unpredictable. The particular case of a lossy dielectric sphere in a lossy dielectric liquid is considered. The dielectrophoretic motion(More)
We present here some original methodologies for the solution of the direct and the inverse problems in Eddy Current Testing (ECT), developed or improved in the framework of the MADEND (Methods and Applications of Non-destructive Electromagnetic Diagnostic) research project partially funded by the Italian Research Ministry. Of the direct methods, the CARIDDI(More)
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