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Alterations in checkpoint and DNA repair pathways may provide adaptive mechanisms contributing to acquired drug resistance. Here, we investigated the levels of proteins mediating DNA damage signaling and -repair in RPMI8226 multiple myeloma cells and its Melphalan-resistant derivative 8226-LR5. We observed markedly reduced steady-state levels of DNA(More)
Alkylating agents are widely used chemotherapeutics in the treatment of many cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, sarcoma, lung, breast and ovarian cancer. Melphalan is the most commonly used chemotherapeutic agent against multiple myeloma. However, despite a 70-80% initial response rate, virtually all patients eventually relapse due to(More)
The transition between sitting and standing represents a period of dynamic changes in cardiac autonomic control. Previous research using heart rate (HR) has suggested a biphasic HR response from sitting to standing with an initial increase in HR followed by an HR decrease before stabilizing at a level above the sitting level. These HR changes have been(More)
In 2 experiments, performance was compared on memory tests taken by older and younger adults for information that had been rated as more memorable for older adults or more memorable for each age group by adults in that age group. In Experiment 1, semantic knowledge was tested by having the participants recognize or recall information from memory (e.g., name(More)
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