Antonio Santos-Olmo Parra

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Global warming is projected to increase the frequency and intensity of droughts in the Mediterranean region, as well as the occurrence of large fires. Understanding the interactions between drought, fire and plant responses is therefore important. In this study, we present an experiment in which rainfall patterns were modified to simulate various levels of(More)
Due to the growing dependence of information society on Information and Communication Technologies, the need to protect information is getting more and more important for enterprises. In this context, Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs), have arisen for supporting the processes and systems for effectively managing information security. The fact(More)
The information society is ever-increasingly dependent upon Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs), and the availability of these systems has come to be vital to the evolution of SMEs. However, this type of companies requires ISMSs which have been adapted to their particular characteristics, and which are optimised from the point of view of the(More)
Fire may cause significant alterations in soil properties. Post-fire soil dynamics can vary depending, among other factors, on rainfall patterns. However, little is known regarding variations in response to post-fire drought. This is relevant in arid and semiarid areas with poor soils, like much of the western Mediterranean. Furthermore, climate change(More)
Understanding how drought affects seeder and resprouter plants during post-fire regeneration is important for the anticipation of Mediterranean vegetation vulnerability in a context of increasing drought and fire caused by climate change. A Mediterranean shrubland was subjected to various drought treatments (including 45% rainfall reduction, 7 months(More)