Antonio Santos-Olmo Parra

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Due to the growing dependence of information society on Information and Communication Technologies, the need to protect information is getting more and more important for enterprises. In this context, Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs), have arisen for supporting the processes and systems for effectively managing information security. The fact(More)
Society is increasingly dependent on Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), and having these kind of systems has become vital for the development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). However, these companies require ISMS that have been adapted to their special features and have been optimized as regards the resources needed to deploy and(More)
The concept of competence, which emerged during the reform of computer engineering degrees, has not brought benefits to companies when attempting to select the most suitable candidates for their jobs. This article aims to show some of the research that has been conducted to determine why companies have not found these skills useful and how both can be(More)
Performance of commercially available component resolved microarray has not been widely evaluated in food allergy. Fruit allergy is a prevalent food allergy in which component resolved diagnosis is crucial. In the context of a multicentric study on pollen and vegetable food allergy in Spain, we enrolled patients (n=137) who had suffered at least two(More)
The information society is ever-increasingly dependent upon Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs), and the availability of these systems has come to be vital to the evolution of SMEs. However, this type of companies requires ISMSs which have been adapted to their particular characteristics , and which are optimised from the point of view of the(More)