Antonio Salvadori

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Knuth [71] deve10ped a 5y5tem t0 ana1y5e a 5ma11 num6er 0f 5tat1c and dynam1c pr0f11e5 0f F0R7RAN Pr09ram5. 7h15 5tudy wa5 0f 51n9u1ar 1mp0rtance 51nce 1t wa5 the f1r5t wh1ch tr1ed t0 under5tand the manner 1n wh1ch pe0p1e wr1te Pr09ram5. 1n h15 paper, Knuth 9ave re5u1t5 0n the ~5tat1c~ pr0f11e (1.e. a d15tr16ut10n 0f the num6er 0f t1me5 each 5tatement type(More)
Psychological testing as a method of selection for computing personnel is no w the subject of a large literature [7] . Most of this is concerned with the use , validation and standardization of tests , or test batteries which may be used t o select potential computing personnel from a population of applicants for variou s positions in data and information(More)
In the context of two-dimensional linear elasticity, this paper presents the closed form of the integrals that arise from both the standard (collocation) boundary element method and the symmetric Galerkin boundary element method. Adopting polynomial shape functions of arbitrary degree on straight elements, <nite part of Hadamard, Cauchy principal values and(More)
where multifunction Q̃ is related to the epigraph of the integrand i.e. Q̃(t, x) = {(z, v) : z ≥ f0(t, x, u), u = f (t, x, v), v ∈ U(t, x)} . We refer to Cesari’s book [8] where the theory is developed in Sobolev spaces widely. The extension of this theory to BV setting, motivated by the applications to variational models for plasticity [2, 3, 6, 13],(More)
Populations of most North American aerial insectivores have undergone steep population declines over the past 40 years but the relative importance of factors operating on breeding, wintering, or stopover sites remains unknown. We used archival light-level geolocators to track the phenology, movements and winter locations of barn swallows (Hirdundo rustica;(More)
The abstract (or sem antic) syntax of the Pascal language is identi­ fied. and a linea r representation fo r the trees so formed within the framework of the concrete syntax fo r that language is imposed. The indentation schem e so form ed, augm ented with a sm all numDer of pragm atic considera tions, is com pared with several previously proposed formatting(More)
As hardware costs fall and personnel costs rise, computer managers are becoming more and more concerned about how efficiently their programmers work. In addition to this factor, there is a need for a measurement tool with which to evaluate new programming techniques, such as top-down programming (against some other technique) at the programmer level. To(More)