Antonio Rui Ferreira Rebordão

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This paper presents a novel indoor and outdoor monitoring system based on sound cues that can be used for the automatic creation of a Life-Log, health care monitoring and/or ambient communication with virtual worlds. Basically, the system detects daily life activities (e.g., laughing, talking, traveling, cooking, sleeping, etc.) and situational references(More)
Several experiments have been carried out that revealed weaknesses of the current Text-To-Speech (TTS) systems in their emotional expressivity. Although some TTS systems allow XML-based representations of prosodic and/or phonetic variables, few publications considered, as a pre-processing stage, the use of intelligent text processing to detect affective(More)
Speech can express subjective meanings and intents that, in order to be fully understood, rely heavily in its affective perception. Some Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems reveal weaknesses in their emotional expressivity but this situation can be improved by a better parametrization of the acoustic and prosodic parameters. This paper describes an approach for(More)
This research presents an innovative system for adaptive speech denoising using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Voice Activity Detection (VAD). Designed for instantaneous mixtures (two sources and two microphones), the proposed system identifies the noise contained in each noisy mixture. For that type of noise applies the most suitable ICA method(More)
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