Antonio Ruberti

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Recently there has been considerable activiw in the area of deterministic closed-loop Stackelberg games. It turns out that these results are closel) related to various incentive problems and pricing problems in economics. We propose in this paper a unified treatment of these problems recommended by F. N. Bailey. Chairman of the Large Scale Systems.(More)
This paper addresses the problem of counting the size of a network where (i) processes have the same identifiers (anonymous nodes) and (ii) the network topology constantly changes (dynamic network). Changes are driven by a powerful adversary that can look at internal process states and add and remove edges in order to contrast the convergence of the(More)
While a growing body of literature focuses in detecting and analyzing the main reasons affecting project success, the use of these results in project portfolio management is still under investigation. Project critical success factors (CSFs) can serve as the fundamental criteria to prevent possible causes of failures with an effective project selection(More)
Web services emerged recently as a promising way to develop applications through the Internet. Nowadays, an increasing number of companies and organizations only implement their core business and outsource other application services over Internet. A central challenge is the development of modelling techniques and tools for enabling the (semi)-automatic(More)
Choosing the best platform for distributed publish/subscribe communications usually implies a careful choice of the desired event selection model; content-based systems allow fine grained interest selection through expressive subscriptions usually at the cost of limited scalability; topic-based systems offer high-performance and scalable event dissemination(More)
Significantly non-normal noise, and particularly the presence of outliers, severely degrades the performance of the Kalman Filter, resulting in poor state estimates, non-white residuals, and invalid inference. An approach to robustifying the Kalman Filter based on minimax theory is described. The relationship between the minimax robust estimator of location(More)