Antonio Romero-Medina

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Public school choice—the initiative for broadening families' access to schools beyond their residence area—has broad public support and has been increasingly adopted across the US and abroad. Yet, how to operationalize school choice, i.e., what procedure should be used to assign students to schools, remains hotly debated. An important debate centers around(More)
This paper focus on the dynamics of organizations and how they design its future according to the interest of their members. Agents are grouped into three classes, high, medium and low productivity. We analyze the evolution of organizations which take decisions by majority voting. We focus on the evolution of the political power and show that in some cases,(More)
This paper presents a sequential admission mechanism where students are allowed to send multiple applications to colleges and colleges sequentially decide the applicants to enroll. The irreversibility of agents decisions and the sequential structure of the enrollments make truthful behavior a dominant strategy for colleges. Due to these features , the(More)
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