Antonio Rodrigo

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High frequency current transformers (HFCT) are now widely used for partial discharges detection and measurement, specially for partial discharge location and source identification. However, many difficulties arise due to HFCT in the determination of the apparent charge in picocoulombs (pC) because of large variations according to sensors or pulses shapes.(More)
High frequency current transformers (HFCT) are widely used in partial discharge field and laboratory tests. Using these devices as sensors in partial discharge cable tests brings some advantages, namely: high degree of insulation, relatively good sensibility and the possibility of broadband measures. This paper analyzes the fundamentals of HFCTs(More)
Partial discharge (PD) cable field tests require the use of high frequency sensors coupled to the cable for PD apparent charge evaluation. PD sensors can be coupled to the cable by magnetic field, like high frequency current transformers, or by electric field, like capacitive couplers. If high sensitivity and high bandwidth are required, then capacitive(More)
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