Antonio Rodríguez-López

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UNLABELLED Galicia is a distinct region and an autonomous community of Spain with its own cultural identity. Two-thirds of the 2.7 million inhabitants live in the rural, reservoir of the traditional culture. Alcohol use is deeply rooted in Galician culture, and its abuse constitutes an important public health problem. OBJECTIVES To analyze changes in(More)
We construct a two-sector model—one producing a homogeneous good and the other producing differentiated goods—with labor market frictions to study the impact of offshoring on intrafirm, intrasectoral, and intersectoral reallocation of jobs, and on the economy-wide unemployment rate. A reduction in the offshoring cost affects intrafirm and intrasectoral(More)
Offshoring reallocates jobs inside firms, between firms, and across sectors, affecting the economy-wide unemployment rate. We study these channels in a model with labor market frictions and two sectors—a differentiated-good sector comprising heterogeneous firms that can offshore, and a homogeneous-good sector. A decline in offshoring costs affects intrafirm(More)
Changes in the costs of trading inputs or final goods affect establishment-level job flows. Using a longitudinal database containing the universe of manufacturing establishments in California from 1992 to 2004, we find that a decline in input or final-good trade costs is associated with job destruction in the least productive establishments, job creation in(More)
The state-to-state differential cross sections for some atom + diatom reactions have been calculated using a new wave packet code, MAD-WAVE3, which is described in some detail and uses either reactant or product Jacobi coordinates along the propagation. In order to show the accuracy and efficiency of the coordinate transformation required when using(More)
International trade exposure affects job creation and destruction along the intensive margin (job flows due to expansions and contractions of firms’ employment) as well as along the extensive margin (job flows due to births and deaths of firms). This paper uses 1992-2010 yearly employment data from the universe of U.S. establishments to construct job flows(More)
The effects of varying the surfactant concentration and the anodic pulse potential on the properties and electrochemical behaviors of magnetite nanoparticles were investigated. The nanoparticles were synthesized with an electrochemical method based on applying dissymmetric potential pulses, which offers the advantage that can be used to tune the particle(More)
Lastly, we only have to use the zero-cutoff-profit condition in (21) to substitute for P in equation (A-3). We can also obtain convenient expressions for the market shares of non-offshoring and offshoring firms. From the end of section 3.1 we know that the share in total differentiated-good expenditure of a producing firm with productivity φ is μ(φ) = p(φ)(More)
Depletion forces can be accounted for by a contraction of the description in the framework of the integral equations theory of simple liquids. This approach includes, in a natural way, the effects of the concentration on the depletion forces, as well as energetic contributions. In this paper we systematically study this approach in a large variety of dilute(More)