Antonio Robles

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To meet the demand for more powerful high-performance shared-memory servers, multiprocessor systems must incorporate efficient and scalable cache coherence protocols, such as those based on directory caches. However, the limited directory cache size of the increasingly larger systems may cause frequent evictions of directory entries and, consequently,(More)
Networks of workstations (NOWs) are being considered as a costeffective alternative to parallel computers. Many NOWs are arranged as a switchbased network with irregular topology, which makes routing and deadlock avoidance quite complicated. Current proposals use the up∗/down∗ routing algorithm to remove cyclic dependencies between channels and avoid(More)
Expressed sequence tag (EST) collections are composed of a high number of single-pass, redundant, partial sequences, which need to be processed, clustered, and annotated to remove low-quality and vector regions, eliminate redundancy and sequencing errors, and provide biologically relevant information. In order to provide a suitable way of performing the(More)
In this paper we present a methodology to design fault-tolerant routing algorithms for regular direct interconnection networks. It supports fully adaptive routing, does not degrade performance in the absence of faults, and supports a reasonably large number of faults without significantly degrading performance. The methodology is mainly based on the(More)
Most standard cluster interconnect technologies are flexible with respect to network topology. This has spawned a substantial amount of research on topology-agnostic routing algorithms, which make no assumption about the network structure, thus providing the flexibility needed to route on irregular networks. Actually, such an irregularity should be often(More)
InfiniBand is very likely to become the facto standard for communication between processing nodes and I/O devices as well as for interprocessor communication. The InifiniBand Architecture (IBA) defines a switch-based network with point-to-point links that support any topology defined by the user. Routing in IBA is distributed based on forwarding tables, and(More)
The InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) defines a switchbased network with point-to-point links whose topology is arbitrarily established by the customer. Often, the interconnection pattern is irregular, which complicates routing and deadlock avoidance. Current routing algorithms for NOWs, either achieve a low network performance, such as the up*/down* routing(More)
Networks of workstations (NOWs) are being considered as a cost-effective alternative to parallel computers. Most NOWs are arranged as a switch-based network and provide mechanisms for discovering the network topology. Hence, they provide support for both regular and irregular topologies, which makes routing and deadlock avoidance quite complicated. Current(More)
OBJECTIVES Hepatic steatosis (HS) has been related to obesity and fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C (CHC). The aim of this study was to determine the role of leptin system in HS development. METHODS Patients (n = 131) with biopsy-proven CHC, positive HCV RNA, and raised ALT were enrolled. Body mass index, percentage of body fat by skin fold measurement, and(More)