Antonio Rinaldi

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Casein and caseinates are the main ingredients of formulas for enteral nutrition. Their manufacturing procedure and the thermal treatments necessary to assure microbiological stabilization and satisfactory shelf-life of the end-products are particularly favorable for the formation of lysinoalanine (LAL), a cross-linked amino acid that is considered a useful(More)
Clearance rates, respiration rates and food absorption efficiencies of the commercially interesting subtidal bivalve Modiolus barbatus were measured at different temperatures under laboratory conditions and scope for growth calculated. Clearance rates were highest at temperatures from 20 °C to 28 °C, whereas respiration rate was maximal at 9 °C and minimal(More)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of small non-coding RNAs by next generation sequencing (smallRNA-Seq) represents a novel technology increasingly used to investigate with high sensitivity and specificity RNA population comprising microRNAs and other regulatory small transcripts. Analysis of smallRNA-Seq data to gather biologically relevant information,(More)
The charge transport in zinc-oxide piezosemiconductive nanowires under purely vertical compressive or tensile strains is investigated. For simplicity, only the additional band bending originated by the piezoelectric charges has been accounted for. Moreover, a constant volumetric piezoelectric charge density is assumed, distributed within a maximum distance(More)
PURPOSE By catalyzing cGMP hydrolysis, phosphodiesterase (PDE) 5 is a critical regulator of its concentration and effects in different (patho)physiologic processes, including cancers. As PDE5 is a known druggable target, we investigated the clinical significance of its expression in breast cancer and the underlying mechanisms by which it may contribute to(More)
Split-plot designs are effective in industry due to time and/or cost constraints, restriction on randomization of the treatment combinations of the hard-to-change factors, and different sizes of experimental units. Some of the results of fractional factorial split-plot experiments are ambiguous and a need arise to conduct a follow-up experiment to separate(More)
Micro-compression tests have demonstrated that plastic yielding in nanoscale pillars is the result of the fine interplay between the sample-size (chiefly the diameter D) and the density of bulk dislocations ρ. The power-law scaling typical of the nanoscale stems from a source-limited regime, which depends on both these sample parameters. Based on the(More)
We report extensive simulations of liquid supercooled states for a simple three-site molecular model, introduced by Lewis and Wahnström [Phys. Rev. E 50, 3865 (1994)] to mimic the behavior of orthoterphenyl. The large system size and the long simulation length allow us to calculate very precisely (in a large q-vector range) self-correlation and collective(More)
The increasing spread of invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea determines several alterations in local food webs, changing the feeding habits of native organisms. The whelk Stramonita haemastoma is a widespread Mediterranean gastropod that consumes bivalves, barnacles and limpets. Previous studies showed a shift in its diet from the bivalve Mytilaster(More)
In Europe, many technologies with high socio-economic benefits face materials requirements that are often affected by demand-supply disruption. This paper offers an overview of critical raw materials in high value alloys and metal-matrix composites used in critical applications, such as energy, transportation and machinery manufacturing associated with(More)